Get in the best shape of your life for the big day

Fully Supported Personalised Training 

& Nutrition Guidelines With Ongoing Support To Create And Maintain 

Your Dream Wedding Body!

''I fell in love with my wedding dress the second I saw it... original 1920's, pale pink with a butterfly embroidery in glass beads - how could I resist? When I then started planning details... shoes, make-up ... etc I realised it was sleeveless and I had 6 months to get my arms into tip top shape … at first I panicked but then I knew Katie would save the day! And she definitely did... her training is brilliant - she makes you work hard without noticing it. I was thrilled with the results and on the day, which was warm and sunny, my sleeveless dress looked amazing. Months later I met up with an old school friend for lunch ... "I still can't get over how good your arms looked!?! What do you do?" ... that says it all!'' 

Alessandra Grignaschi

If You've Struggled To Create The Shapely, Sexy, Slim Silhouette You've Always Dreamed Of, This Is The Solution You've Been Looking For.  

For a fraction of the cost of a Personal Trainer, you too can have access to the methods I use to keep in the best shape, year-round.   

When you sign up to my exclusive coaching program, you are given the hands-on and personalised guidance that has been proven to work for hundreds of real women from all walks of life.

Let me help you flatten your tummy, sculpt lean arms and tone your hips and thighs with my proven principles!

When you join me, I promise you that I will:

  • Design a training program for YOUR schedule
  • Design a training program for YOUR needs
  • Provide you with eating guidelines and meal ideas that are healthy, quick and delicious
  • Be there every step of the way to answer YOUR questions and support YOUR journey. 



My customised online training programs are comprehensive, easy to follow and include the following services:

How It Works:

This program is guaranteed to help you create the your best body shape!

Healthy Eating


Personalised Training Program with Videos





An initial Skype consultation to allow me to assist you in identifying any potential limiting factors outside of your training.

A 12 week personalised training program with Videos based on your schedule and limitations. 

Delicious, quick and healthy meal ideas based on your requirements to maximise your results. 

Weekly check-ins, text and email support .

Motivational Support.

My Personal Email For The Ultimate 24/7 Email Support & Guidance.

''Katie was the difference between me looking good and looking great on my wedding day. I had been training really hard to be at my fittest and best not only for the wedding but also for myself. My PT sessions with Kate really made the difference in shaping and toning my body and overall making me feel proud of what I had achieved. Kate gave me the motivation and the support in each session to push through the pain and get the most out of my training and the good thing was as hard as it was, I had so much fun training with her. She really gave me the confidence to succeed in training and now it’s not quite the chore it used to be, in fact, I look forward to my training sessions each week.''

Stephanie Marsicovetere

Register Your Details Right Now And I'll Call You To Discuss If My Program Is Right For You

"Katie helped me get in my best ever shape for my wedding and amazing tone and definition, just where I needed it. I got so many compliments on the day and was also very confident about my bikini body for the honeymoon. Training with Kate is always a great workout and she mixes it up so you never feel bored. I have done everything from cardio and weights (sometimes cardio with weights) to balance and agility work. Since working with Kate, many of my "forgotten areas" like my glutes and lats have really strengthened and I can not only see the difference but, especially for my glutes, it's actually helped prevent injuries elsewhere."

Alia Parpia

No Gimmicks. Real People. Real Results!

"So many women spend every day feeling awful about themselves, and they don’t have to! 

Let me help you change your life..."


Katie is a Personal Trainer, online bodyshape coach and writer, motivating thousands of women to change their lives, achieve their best body ever and actually start loving working out and eating healthy. 

She got into fitness after years working in many casinos and had to correct years of bad posture and neglect to her health. After trying out many training regimes, she knows the effort it takes transforming your own body into one you can love and be confident in.

“I was so overwhelmed with the results and the way I felt and I really wanted for every single woman to feel and experience the same so then I started sharing nutrition and fitness tips as well as training videos on my Instagram and Facebook page. Now I've been working as a personal trainer for more than 5 years helping others achieve their goals and deliver the results they are after. And I really want to send the message that everything is possible in fitness. Everyone has to start somewhere.''

I can totally relate because I was weak and insecure when I first started working out and I didn't have anyone to help me out, so now I want to be that person who can help YOU out!”

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